Niobrara Riverview

Niobrara Riverview

Horse Motel

 For those folks traveling through this area with your horses, we also provide overnight lodging for your horses, electric and water  hookups for your camper, shower and restroom facilities, or you can use our guest lodging.  We even have trail riding opportunities for an additional charge.

For those horse enthusiasts that want a relaxing get-a-way to enjoy your friends and trail riding we can accommodate your group and provide you riding opportunities and other activities.  You can stay in our lodging facilities (located only 200 ft. from the horse corrals) or stay in your camper.  Besides riding on our property you will finds plenty of other riding opportunities on nearby public land.

Check out or GPS self-guided tour featuring stations that highlight plants, animals and features that are unique to the sandhills.  We highlight plants and other natural occurring  features that had significant use by plains Indians, early settlers or use by wildlife.  We even have a 50 question multiple choice quiz that you can have some fun with to challenge your knowledge.

Check out coming for special occasions such as the “Old West Days Celebration”  being held this October 10 -13.

Call us to help you custom plan a trip for your occasion!

Accommodation Pricing

Horse Lodging:  $15.00/night for lodging , add $5.00 per day for total of $20.00 for lodging and trail riding.

Trailer Hookups:  $22.00 per night for one person and $8.00 per additional person.

If you want a cook-out or any other meal options visit our Accommodations main page for options!

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